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No negativity—we just want to be admired. This is problematic because it limits discourse: if we all just like everything—the Millennial dream—then what are we going to be talking about? How great everything is? How often you’ve pressed the like button on Facebook? The Millennial site Buzzfeed has said they are no longer going to run anything negative—well, if this keeps spreading, then what’s going to happen to culture? What’s going to happen to conversation and discourse? If there doesn’t seem to be an economic way of elevating yourself then the currency of popularity is just the norm now and so this is why you want to have thousands and thousands of people liking you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr—and you try desperately to be liked. The only way to elevate yourself in society is through your brand, your profile, your social media presence.

Bret Easton Ellis, “Generation Wuss" for Vanity Fair (via thatlitsite)

Hmmm food for thought

The thing that inspires me most is empathizing with people’s flaws and seeing how they deal with them. That sort of connection you feel with someone when you realize that maybe even the negative things that they’ve said or done are because of insecurities or injuries they’ve endured.

James Mercer (via thatlitsite)

We hear something negative about ourselves, and it haunts us day and night. We hear something positive about ourselves, and it struggles to take root in the stony soil of our hearts. This isn’t humility, it’s the path to failure, self pity, and friendlessness. So let God have the final say on who you are.

Unka Glen (